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Morinda citrifolia or noni or pace or mengkudu is a fantastic fruit gift from god for nature of tropical climate and most peoples called as a miracelous fruit, in Taiwan and Korea called by fruit from paradise, as the reason of the extra ordinary of the ingredients and the benefit in the Morinda Citrifolia, in Hawaii called as noni and put it as “Hawaii Magic Plant”, finally we agree to called as a really fruit from paradise because most peoples believe that Morinda Citrifolia could be done excellent to treatment and to cure of various diseases. Morinda Citrifolia is a fruit with strong odors, a lot of sead, make the peoples avoid and reject this fruit.

However Morinda Citrifolia contents a lot of unbelieveable matter and a lot of different kind of phytonutrients.

As a fantastic and amazing fruit, Morinda Citrifolia has the following characteristic :

1.              Fully protection to the a live cells ;
2.              Remove and destroyer to the unwork and dead cells ;
3.              Supporting the growing of new cells in the blood and in the body, increasing      

             and control the immune system, especially for disorder of immune system.

Due to the capacity of growing and develop new cells as replacement for the dead cells, Morinda Citrifolia fruit not only has capacity to cure various diseases but also to make the condition of the body to be always in healthy and good condition. Drink daily 1 – 3 times for 70 CC – 150 cc morinda mixed with 1 – 2 spoon of apple cider would be in creasing the immune system and may treating the condition of health.

In Asia, traditionally, Morinda Citrifolia or noni is believed to be able to cure various kind of diseases such as diarrhee, hypertention, cancer, tumor, vertigo, diabetes, uric acid, cholesterol and others diseases.


Infact morinda citrifolia or noni, or pace, or mengkudu contents magic power and capacity to cure the following diseases :

Diabetes, hypertension, cardiovasculer, hypotension, head ache, fevers tooth ache, migraine, cough, chest infections, tuberculosis (TBC), asthma, gingivitis, insominia, respiratory afflictions, sore throat with cough, gout, tumors, cancer, kidney, kidneystone and bladder, lever, mentrual cramps, poor digestion, iregulate mentruation, prostate, eye infections, mental depression, inflammed, sore gums, stomach diseases, indigestion, diarrhea, parasites, abscesses infections, injuris, arthritis, child birth and pregnancy, kista/miyope, blood vessel problem, lupus, leukimia, vertigo, stroke, blood problem and alergie, depresi, auto immune disease, sexual problem, heart diseases and corones, candidas, eczema, broken bone, hernia, infection of mouth, syndrome, skin problem, HIV, parkinson’s, malaria, sars, sinusitis, multiple sclerosis, thyppid, autisme, alzheismer, pleva, vitiligo, etc.

Morinda citrifolia or noni also succesfull for diet program, skin and hair maintaince, smoking and narcotics problem because morinda citrifolia contain many different kinds of pyhtonutrients, more than 140 item plus neutraceutical compounds, many of them work together synergistically, also helpfully and improve the nutrition absorbance in the body, clean the blood, kill various worm, and make balance the hormone.

Morinda citrifolia also contents anti histamine, anti bacteria and anti oxidance with perfect work in the body to eliminate free radical and increasing immune system.

Noni juice “Morinda” brand made from excellent natural fruit morinda citrifolia with fresh  honey plus a few spicy and tamarin by hygiene prossesing, no preservative chemicals, no sugar, no synthetic sugar, no essence added, all raw material from nature (natural) and content a lot of nutritions, vitamine as vitamine A, Vitamine C, Minerals as calcium, kalium, Zn, Mg, etc. Could be consumed any time by every body, children, adult and old peoples to cure and treatment various diseases or protect the health with dosis as following :

1.              For preventive, each day for children could be drink one time with dosis 15 cc - 20 cc of noni juice “Morinda Brand” plus one full spoon of fresh honey (5 cc fresh honey).

2.          For preventive, each day for adult or old person enough to drink one time with dosis 70 cc - 150 cc noni juice “morinda brand” plus apple cider 5 cc – 15 cc.

3.              For diet program, suggested to drink before meal.

4.         To cure of various diseases and stomach problem could be drinks before or after meal, two or three times a day, but some research informed that drink noni juice in empty stomach given maximum benefit.

5.       Noni juice “Morinda Brand” also good for health if drink directily without any additional (no add honey or apple cider).

6.      For person, who have kidney disseases or others disseases, the dosis of consumption must be adjusted as conditions.

For person with diabetes must be taken daily dosis with minimun 20 cc apple cider each time and adjusted as conditions.

Noni juice “Morinda Brand” more delicious to taken with fresh honey and could drink it direct from refrigerant (cool box).

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